Easy Halloween Pancake Stack

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1x Pack of Marcel's Happy Pancakes
Barker's Strawberry Sundae Dessert Sauce or similar
200g Tatua Mascarpone
200g Milk or Dark Chocolate


To make the chocolate spider web, melt chocolate on a sauce pan or in the microwave. 
Using a sheet of baking paper, carefully pour melted chocolate in a web shape. 
Place chocolate spider web in fridge or freezer to chill and set before serving. 

To make the pancake mascarpone brains pancake stack fill a piping bag with mascarpone and a little bit of icing sugar. Then pipe each layer of pancakes with mascarpone, add anything you like with the mascarpone for extra crunch or colour. 

Top with Barkers Strawberry Sundae Dessert Sauce for dripping blood look and dig in you little monster.