Caramelised Pineapple & Coconut Pancakes

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1x pack of Marcel's Limited Edition Sunny Coconut Pancakes
1x 425gm can pineapple rings in juice
1.5 tablespoons white sugar
20 grams unsalted butter
0.5 cups coconut chips


Toasted Coconut:
Spread coconut chips on the base of a dry non-stick pan. Doing this in small batches on medium heat is best. Stir
every 30-40 seconds to ensure that the coconut chips do not burn. It will look like nothing is happening for the first
few minutes, but keep an eye on it as it will burn quickly.

Caramelised Pineapple:
Drain canned pineapple & place each ring on a plate or sheet of baking paper.
Sprinkle the white sugar on both sides of the pineapple.
In a non-stick pan, melt the butter on medium heat until frothy, taking care not to burn.
Place the pineapple rings into the pan & flip after 4-5 minutes or when you can see the outside of the pineapple ring
turn brown.
Remove from heat once both sides of the pineapple ring are brown.
Cut into smaller pieces.

To serve:
Spread mascarpone onto each Marcel's Sunny Coconut Pancake & stack.
Pineapple and toasted coconut can be added in each layer or only on top.

Enjoy :)

Photos & Recipe by Varsh at